Launch of "The Future of Us" Exhibition & sgfuture Engagement Series

Singapore is coming to the close of SG50 – an extra special jubilee year that brought us closer together as one people. 

Our country today is the work of more than one generation, and our future will depend on what we make of it together. 

It is up to each of us to voice our hopes and our future dreams. We can all play a part to build our future and  create a shared vision  for Singapore:

a. From now till 8 March 2016, you can visit the “Future of Us” exhibition.

i. It offers a glimpse into the possibilities of how we can live, work, play, care and learn in the future.

ii. You can also participate, contribute by sharing your hopes and dreams for yourself, your family and our nation at the exhibition.

iii. More details can be found at: , 

b. You can also participate in the SGfuture engagement series from now till mid-2016. The engagement areas will cover fostering a caring community, building a sustainable home, opportunities for learning and strengthening community and national resilience.

i. You can share your views, aspirations and ideas for our future with fellow Singaporeans at various discussions and dialogue sessions.

ii. More details can  be found at: 

Our pioneers determined that Singapore would endure and prevail, and they worked to make it so. Likewise, if we join hands to shape our future together, we will have another celebration as happy and satisfying as this one in SG100.