Public Transport Voucher 2015

Key Messages

  1. More than 1.1 million commuters will be shielded from the fare adjustment, including young children, senior citizens, Lower-Wage Workers, Persons with Disabilities, and adults and students using monthly concession passes. 

  2. 250,000 Public Transport Vouchers of $30 each are available to help needy families cope with the fare adjustment. 

  3. Public transport continues to be affordable for all commuters; fares in Singapore are generally not more expensive than other cities. 

  4. Commuters can look forward to less crowded and faster journeys from continued improvements to our public transport system, e.g. new buses and bus services, new trains and system upgrades.
  5. The Public Transport Council has granted an overall fare adjustment of 2.8% for the 2014 Fare Review Exercise, a lower increase than the 3.2% adjustment effected for the last exercise. Hence, this translates to lower fare adjustments across the board. From 5 April 2015:
    • Adult card fares for buses and trains will increase by 2 to 5 cents.
    • Adult cash fares for bus and train rides will increase by 10 cents.
    • Student concessionary fares will increase by 1 cent.
  6. More than 1.1 million commuters will be shielded from the fare increase:
    • Senior citizens
    • Lower-Wage Workers
    • Persons with Disabilities
    • Monthly concession pass holders – adults, national servicemen, 
senior citizens, and students (all primary/secondary/ITE/junior 
college/tertiary levels) 
    • Children below 7 years of age (free travel) 

  7. The Government will also introduce a new Off-peak Monthly Travel Pass for commuters who are able to travel during off-peak periods1. Paying only two-third2 the price of a full-day pass, these commuters are able to save money and cap their monthly transport expenditure. The two-year trial will start from July 2015 and is expected to benefit around 40,000 commuters, including senior citizens and Persons with Disabilities, and cost the Government $10 million a year.
  8. Similar to last year, the Government will set aside another $7.5 million to disburse 250,000 Public Transport Vouchers of $30 each to help needy households3
  9. Vouchers can be used to purchase or top up fare cards or buy monthly concession passes. Applications for the vouchers will open from 16 March and will be available year-round through CCCs. The vouchers will be sent out from mid-April 2015 onwards. 

1 The Off-peak Monthly Travel Pass will offer unlimited travel on the bus and train network on weekdays from (i) the start of service to 6.30am, (ii) 9am to 5pm, (iii) 7.30pm to the end of service; as well as all day on weekends and public holidays.

2 The Off-peak Monthly Travel Pass will cost $80 for adults, $40 for senior citizens, and $40 for Persons with Disabilities concession pass holders.

3 To be eligible for the Public Transport Vouchers, applicants must meet the same guidelines as that for the CCC ComCare fund (the prevailing guidelines are as follow: household income of $1,700 or below, or per capita income of not more than $550, with at least one Singaporean Citizen member in the household). 

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