Community Club Management Committees

Our Community Club Management Committees (CCMCs) help build, manage and maintain all our Community Clubs (CCs). Our CCs are the common meeting ground for residents from all walks of life by providing numerous recreational activities and learning opportunities. CCs also connect residents and the Government by providing relevant information and gathering feedback on national concerns and policies. Each CC serves about 15,000 households or an average of 50,000 people.

What role does the CCMCs play?

Our CCMCs promote racial harmony and social cohesion through the various cultural, educational, recreational, sporting, social and other community-based activities organised specially for residents. Our CCMCs manage all the CCs, ensure that all CCs keep up with the expectations and needs of residents, and organise creative and innovative courses and activities for residents in the community.

How does the CCMCs accomplish its goals?

Our CCMCs are made up of volunteers who work with our professional staff to manage the CCs. Volunteers meet regularly to plan and organise programmes that meet the needs and interests of residents. By doing so, the CCMCs help bring people together at the CCs to meet, interact, share a common interest, and make friends.