Know our GRL -- Siti Khatijah Binte Haji Mohd Jai (Bukit Batok RC Zone 8 Chairman and Vice-Chairman of FLC and INC)

Mdm Khatijah is a full time housewife, blessed with 4 sons and supportive family.  She has been a dedicated volunteer for more than 20 years and has been taught and guided by her role model who is her beloved dad, Mr Haji Mohd Jai, a former Anjung Budiman Chairman RC Zone 9 . Since the age of 36, Mdm Khatijah had followed her father footsteps in being active in volunteer works and dedicating her time serving to the community. She was formerly an active executive member in RC Zone 9 and was appointed as a vice-chairman for MAEC in the following year. She then volunteered to serve for RC Zone 8 .

She loves to serve the residents especially the elderly groups and children and is known for her bubbly and friendly approach with residents. They gave her a nick-name, “ the ticket aunty" as the residents will definitely look for her and would only buy event tickets from her. She hads organized countless events for the residents such as outings, block parties, cooking demo s from all races, competitions for young kids to showcase their talents. The most memorable activities that she has ever organized are the Family Day Picnic held in Changi with 11 bus-loads of residents supporting and enjoying the events and the 3-generations cake competitions which was held for 2 consecutive years since 2012.

Her wish is to see more volunteers serving the community and to strengthen the bond within the residents so that we are able to maintain our country peace and harmony. She would love to spread her knowledge and volunteering skills especially to the new generations.