Zone 6

At one corner of Bukit Batok, along Bukit Batok West Ave 8 reside the residents of Zone 6 RC. Aptly named Bukit Batok Parkland, the zone is near to West Parkland which boasts of lush greeneries among the concrete HDB flats. Residents from the 12 blocks comprising of Blocks 169 - 180 get to enjoy the use of facilities such basketball courts, an amphitheatre, a skate park, BBQ pits.

Feeling hungry? The coffee shop at block 177 has a few food stalls which serves local hawker fare to satisfy your hunger. However, what makes Zone 6 special is the residents' enthusiasm in participating in grassroots events/activities organized by dynamic Zone 6 RC chairperson Ms Lily Loo and her team of passionate grassroot leaders. Zone 6 RC members organizes activities like the Zone 6 key event Durian Party which includes games like "The Durian Challenge"(don't miss our event if you are interested to know what it is), Durian-Opening competitions and of course Durian eating!

Zone 6 RC Address : #01-373 Blk 169, West Ave 8

Hotline : 65662177