Know our GRL -- Mr New Lam Heng (Chariman Zone 9 RC)

a) Tell us a little about yourself.

I am 45 of age working in the civil service sector. I started joining grassroots activities when I was 30 years old and was introduced into Bukit Batok (BB) Zone 8 RC by then chairman, Steven. I have served about 10 years till now, from being an ordinary member to the Chairman of Zone 9 RC in year 2010.

b) What are you passionate about in life?

I like to communicate with neighbors; especially, if they have any problems I am very happy to assist them. When you assist your friends or residents and get positive results, and seeing them smiling, I feel great.

c) What or Who inspired you to join Bukit Batok Community circle?

My residents and other zone chairmen inspire me. Sometimes it gets very competitive with each other and we liek to show how well we can organize events. We also try to communicate with each other and learn from each other. We feel like a family in the BB community circle.

d) What are some of your most memorable experiences as an RC chairperson and as an organising chairman of the recent National Day Observance Ceremony in Bukit Batok?

As I mentioned assisting and helping residents to solve some of their daily common issues is my most wonderful experience. Organizing the National Day Observance Parade is very fulfilling, first u must be really to communicate with schools and persuade them to come and join you for this events. My learning experience is that be committed and ready to provide your partners with great assistance than next time they will join you for any events. 

e) Any words to encourage more people to join community service or what are you happy to see in community service?

Joining community service is about connecting people. If u don't have the commitment and heart to do it then it is very difficult to encourage others to join you. Once they see success in you and admire you then they will start coming in to community service voluntarily.