MediShield Life

News Highlights

  1. MediShield Life will cover everyone

    All Singaporeans will benefit from MediShield Life protection regardless of health status, throughout their lives.

    • Age limit of 92 will be lifted – all Singaporeans will enjoy coverage for life
    • Those with pre-existing conditions will also be covered
  2. MediShield Life will offer better protection

    MediShield Life will provide better protection against large hospital bills and selected subsidised outpatient treatments such as dialysis and chemotherapy for cancer.

    • Higher payouts so patients pay less.
  3. Premiums will be affordablewith Government Support

    Premiums will go up because of better protection and coverage for all but Government will provide support to keep it affordable

    • Everybody will also pay a little more to help to bring in those with pre-existing conditions (no more than 3% of current premiums). Individuals with pre-existing conditions will need to pay more. However the Government will take on the bulk of the cost (about 75%).
    • Singaporeans pay more when working so that premiums rise by less when older: this is distributing premiums more evenly over ourlifetime.
    • To keep premiums affordable, the Government will provide:
      • Premium subsidies to the Pioneer Generation and the lower-to-middle income
      • Additional Premium Support will be offered to those who need more help even after premium subsidies
      • Transitional subsidies for all Singaporeans for the first four years. This is over and above the premium subsidies for lower-to-middle-income and the Pioneer Generation
      • Medisave top-ups for the Pioneer Generation for life and for those aged 55-64 in 2014 for the next 5 years.
    • Premiums can be fully paid for from Medisave. Premium subsidies, Medisave top-ups and the additional 1% employer Medisave contribution will help cover the increase in premiums for most.
    • Premium details can be found in Annex A .
  4. MediShield Life will provide better coverage, but Integrated Shield Plans remain available. Opt for the right protection for you and your family.

    • An Integrated Shield Plan offered by private insurers consists of two parts – the basic MediShield plan and a top-up portion.
    • When implemented, MediShield Life will replace the current MediShield portion of your Integrated Shield Plan.
    • MediShield Life will cover your stay at Class B2/C wards, while Integrated Shield Plan will provide coverage for higher ward classes, such as Class A/B1 and private hospitals
  5. MediShield Life will start at end 2015. For more information: MediShield Life