Prime Minister Visited Bukit Batok Division

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong visited Bukit Batok Division of Jurong Group Representation Constituency (GRC) on Saturday, 20 March 2010 at 6.30pm.

He was accompanied by the four MPs for Jurong GRC, namely Mr Lim Boon Heng, Minister, Prime Minister’s Office; Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Minister for Finance; Ms Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State, Ministry of National Development and Ministry of Education and Mdm Halimah Yacob.

He interacted with residents enjoying “The Good Old Days” which showcased the diversity of Bukit Batok Division where local residents and families, together with new Singapore Citizens and Permanent Residents (PR), engaged in fun-filled traditional games such as ‘chapteh’, ‘kuti kuti’ and hopscotch. Traditional snacks like ‘ting ting’ candy and ‘putu mayam’ were also distributed to those present at the stalls. He covered “Harmony Night” and the programme highlighted the wide varieties of recreational activities and performances catering to residents of different ethnic groups. The Harmony Show was the finale programme, which depicted the harmony of all races and displayed the diverse culture of Singapore.

He walked along the neighbourhood park which has many amenities such as barbecue pits, children’s playgrounds, sepak takraw courts and exercise stations provided by the Town Council to facilitate healthy living and community bonding among the residents.

The family carnival-style approach adopted along the route enabled the Prime Minister and the accompanying MPs to meet and interact with a wide spectrum of residents, from young to old, people of different races and a good mix of locals, New Citizens and PRs. Many of the residents seized the rare opportunity to greet and shake hands with the Prime Minister when he strolled through the carnival and park.

It was estimated that 6,000 residents were present along the route. The Prime Minister viewed the remote control planes on display and some Indian families whose children were attending a story telling session. The Indian children greeted the Prime Minister warmly and he responded with a ‘Good evening, Nantri’. When he arrived at the ‘Taichi Quan’ performance area, all the participants swarmed up to him enthusiastically to shake hands with him. He proceeded to view a Line Dance performance at the void deck and was given a rousing welcome by the dancers. At the Kompang and Gamelan performance area, he stopped to chit-chat with the trainers. He then moved on to watch the Tchoukball demonstration.

The Prime Minister attended a Block Party organised by Bukit Batok Zone 2 RC. The residents cheered upon his arrival. He watched residents having fun with the high-tech computer simulation games, then observed a Sepak Takraw Competition and spoke interacted with several young residents having BBQ before proceeding to the Harmony Show where he was given a warm welcome by the residents.

His visit ended at 10.00pm.