Celebrating Pioneer Families' 50 Years of Togetherness

Dear Residents & Friends,

It's time to take a little stroll down the memory lane,
Come join in the celebration with us!

What you need to do (Trust us, it really is that simple):

  1. Dig out wedding pictures of your great-grandparents/grandparents/parents alongside with a present day photo of the extended family. (You can then spend the rest of your days leafing through them)
  2. Scan the photographs and share your stories with us at:

http://www.bukitbatok.sg/content/sg50-celebrating-bukit-batok-pioneer-families-open-category (Open Category) 


http://www.bukitbatok.sg/content/sg50-celebrating-bukit-batok-pioneer-families-school-category (School Category)

Stand a chance to win attractive prizes and have your pictures published at the roving exhibition in Bukit Batok. 

We can't wait to see your submissions!